Elephant Silhouette Video Animation 4K

Elephant Video Animation created by MotionIsland on: Dec 5th, 2019

Video Description:
Here is a video of an elephant silhouette walking in a seem-less loop. This footage is at 4K with the alpha channel so you can add any background behind the elephant.

2 Video Format included:
- Quicktime Mov Video | 4K - 3840x2160 | With Alpha Channel
- MP4 -  4K - 3840x2160 | No alpha Channel

This elephant walk cycle animation is ideal for any project about nature, wild animal, safari subject, cartoon or even politic to represent to republican party.



QuickTime Footage:

Resolution: 3840x2160 (16:9)

Format: MOV Quicktime

Codec: Animation

RBG + Alpha Channel: Yes

Frame Rate: 29.97

Loop: Yes

Time Length: 12 Seconds

Download File size: 12Mb

Download File Format: Zip File


$ 11.00

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