Who is behind MotionIsland.com?
My name is Salim. I am a motion graphic designer and father of two boys. I was born in France and at age 17, my family and I moved to an island called Mauritius. There, because the tech field was growing at a fast rate, I had the opportunity to learn how to build websites and most importantly learn about motion graphics and 3D animation. After a few years, I  decided to take a leap and deepen my knowledge and skills, so I moved to Los Angeles and have been in the animation business for 15+ years.

Why did I create MotionIsland?
I've always been passionate about animation: 3D animation or simple 2D animation. Over the years I've always taken the time to work on animations just for fun or for practice and I thought "why dont I put my practice into something that could help others?"
At the time my wife was pregnant, I got this idea to create a little crawling baby. This led to other ideas and each time I worked on these animations, there were all these new things that I wanted to incorporate in them.
Hopefully my animations will be of use for you for your business, website, work, projects or just to help you acquire the sources to build your own style or skills on.

The Objective
The objective of MotionIsland.com is to provide unique animations that can help businesses, motion graphic designers and students that are learning animation and would like to know more about how it is done.
I am always looking for feedback and more ideas to make new animation for MotionIsland so please feel free to text me if you would like to see specific type of animations.

Thanks for your support!