50 Arrows Animation in After Effects or QuickTime Movie

Arrows Animation created by MotionIsland on Sept 29th, 2019

General Description:
The 50 Arrows animation template for After Effects is a motion graphics template that features a sequence of 50 arrows moving in different directions, creating an intense and dynamic visual experience. The arrows are sleek and modern, with a cool shape that makes them pop against the background. The template is fully customizable, allowing users to change the color, speed to match their desired aesthetic. The 50 Arrows animation is perfect for use in projects such as action sports videos, tech presentations, or as a title sequence for a fast-paced movie or TV show. The template comes pre-animated, making it easy to use, even for those with limited experience in After Effects. The 50 Arrows animation template is a must-have for any video editor looking to add an extra level of energy and excitement to their projects.

Each Animation is at 3840×2160  (16:9) 4K at 29.97fps 

No plug-ins needed

Just a side note those 50 After Effects arrows animations are not presets each animation were animated manually with the After Effects.

Want to see a quick overview of each arrow animation ?
Preview the arrows animation gallery here

You are a video editor ?
If you have no plan to customize and change the arrow animation you can get the Quicktime Video package that include 50 arrows video with transparent background (Alpha Chanel included) for only $10.

You are motion graphic designer?
The 50 animated arrows were all made in After Effects 2019, you don't need any plug-in. Each arrow animation is organized under one composition. I have also included 2 Bonus Arrow Compositions.

If you have any question send me a message here.


Project Specs:

After Effect Version:

- 2019

Frame Rate: 29.97

Plug in required: No

Music: Not Included

Download File Format: Zip File

Video Encoding:  Quicktime Mov
Animation RGB+Alpha



$ 13.00

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