5 Fingerprint Animation - After Effects Project

Animation created by MotionIsland on: Jan 22th 2020

The Fingerprint animation made for After Effects is a unique and engaging motion graphics template that features a fingerprint scanner effect. The animation showcases a fingerprint being scanned, with lines and dots moving across the screen to simulate the process of a fingerprint being read. The animation is highly detailed and realistic, giving the impression of a real fingerprint scanner in action. The template is fully customizable, allowing users to change the color and speed of the animation to match their desired aesthetic. The Fingerprint animation is ideal for use in projects such as security or biometric-themed videos, presentations, or as an introduction to a topic related to security or biometrics. The template is simple to use, even for those with limited experience in After Effects, making it a must-have for any video editor looking to add a touch of technology and realism to their projects.

Some of the animated fingerprint are similar to Android and IOS Apple fingerprint recognition.

Option 1
Animation mimicking a finger pressing, find key point of the finger then reviewing by filling up the wavy lines. 

Option 2
Green futuristic animation scanning from finger with a grid analyzing the fingerprint and then confirming authentication of the print.

Option 3
Round fingerprint similar to Apple IOS fingerprint icon, reproducing the record of the finger lines.

Option 4
Similar to option 3 this one show an outline of a fingerprint, then lines fill up the print.

Option 5
Similar to the Android fingerprint icon animation, reveal fingerprint, scan it, then approved authentication.

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After Effects Project:

After Effect Version:

Resolution: 1920x1080 (16:9)

Music: Not Provided

Plug-in required: No

Frame Rate: 29.97

Download File size: 390Kb

Download File Format: Zip File


$ 14.00

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