18 Countdown After Effects Template

18 Counters created by MotionIsland on July 20th, 2020

General Description:
18 After Effects counters pack animations, I came up with animated counters and countdown that could be useful for your project and that are often use on videos.

Here is the list of counters in this project

  1. Old Film Countdown
  2. 24h Clock - (Run for 20 Seconds)
  3. Chronometer Counting Up
  4. 10 Seconds HUD Countdown 
  5. Hourglass (Run for 11 Seconds)
  6. 1 Minute Countdown
  7. Chronometer Counting Down (15 seconds)
  8. Bomb Timer
  9. Percentage Counting Up
  10. 1Hr Flip Clock Countdown
  11. Multiple Shape 1 Minute Countdown
  12. Days Countdown
  13. Red digital Clock
  14. Spectrum Circle Countdown
  15. Month and Days Flip Calendar
  16. Progress Bar 
  17. 1 Month Days Flipping Calendar
  18. Odometer

The 18 Countdown/Counters were all made in After Effects, you don't need any plug-in. Each counter animation is organized under one composition. If you are a newbie this project might be complicated as you need to know after effects expression coding to customize, there is no tutorial / guide.


Project Specs:

After Effect Version:

- 2020
- CC 16x
- CC 15x
- CC 14x
- CC 13
- CC 12

Frame Rate: 29.97

Plug in required: No

Music: Not Included

Download File size: 7.7Mb

Download File Format: Zip File



$ 15.00

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