Cell Phone Ray-Traced 3D

Animation created by Motion Island on: Feb 25, 2016

Animation Description:
Simple 3D Cell Phone made in After Effect using Raytraced 3D composition. On this project you can add you own icons, images or even video on the cellphone screen. Animation is ideal to promote your iPhone or Android apps , or explaining how your app works...

Since the cell phone is completely made in After Effect it can be rotated in different angle without any plug in.



Project Details:

After Effect Version:

Resolution: 3840x2160 (16:9)

Plug in required: No

Frame Rate: 29.97

Time Length: 9 Seconds

Download File size: 196Kb

Download File Format: Zip File

Other Information: Raytraced-3D in after effect need a lot of RAM, make sure you have a good graphic card and fast computer to render this after effect project. It can take up to 50 Mins to render this specific animation on a regular computer. 


$ 6.00

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