Slot Machine Animation - AE Project and Video Footage

Slot Machine Animation created by MotionIsland on March 2, 2019

Animation Description:
Here is a casino slot machine wheel animation I made in After Effects, it has 10 symbols usually used in the gambling world such as, cherries, bell, number 7, grape, Lemon, bar, prune, heart, strawberry, banana.

This slot machine animation is ideal for any project about gamble or money oriented so show a big win.

I have also made a version where your logo reveal when the 3 wheels finish turning. 

AE Project Description:
The After Effects Project has 3 Compositions, 
I created a control so you can select which symbol you need from beginning to end.

Composition 1 Version A- Straight win
Composition 2 Version B - Roll 3 Time then Win
Composition 3 Version C - Your Company Logo

All symbols are in Illustrator and can be tweaked or replaced if you need.
Slot Machine Symbols for Animation

Falling coins is a pre-rendered video with Alpha Channel.

Sound with watermark you can get it on videohive.

No plug-in Required for this project.

Video Footage Description: 
If you don't need the After Effects source files you can also get 1 video footage for only $6, it has  transparent background (alpha channel) so you can add anything behind.



AE Project Details:

After Effect Version:

Resolution: 1920x1080  (16:9)

Plug-in required: No

Frame Rate: 29.97

Download File size: 40Mb

Download File Format: Zip File


Video Footage Only


Codec: Animation with alpha channel

1920x1080  (16:9)

Sound: Included

Frame Rate: 29.97

Time Length: 21 Seconds 

Download File size: 305Mb

Download File Format: Zip File


$ 10.00

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