Flying Through Golden Particles 4K Video Footage

Footage Description:

This is a Quicktime footage of gold particles flying toward the viewer. It can appear like the camera is moving forward in space with the start whizzing past. Or maybe the camera is looking up and gold dust particles are raining down. In any case, gold particles denote luxury and beauty. This animation can be used for a number of projects.

The gold particles flying through animation in Alpha Chanel is included so you can add anything behind the golden particles. 



Quicktime Footage:

Video Format:

Codec Format: Animation

Alpha Channel: Yes

Resolution: 3840x2160(16:9)

Frame Rate: 29.97

Number of Clip(s): 1

Clip Length: 15 Seconds

Loop Cycle: No

Download File size: 140Mb

Download File Format: Zip File

$ 5.00

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